Music 4 Vets Nederland is a Dutch music initiative for all Veterans and their families.

The power of music on the fingertips of our veterans.

Music Initiative
For Veterans

Music4 Vets Nederland is a music initiative for Veterans and their families. The concept of Music 4 Vets is the use of music as a form of therapeutic release for all veterans, spouses and their families. The phrase “music heals” implies that soldiers returning from different tours of duty throughout their enlistment, carry with them, battle field memories. We use music to soften the effects of these memories and other combat related injuries. To aid in the readjustment back into society, after returning from tours of duty in hostile environments while serving on active duty. We also encourage active duty soldiers along with their families to participate in the program as well.

Music 4 Vets Nederland is a nonprofit organization; we operate solely on donations from the community and general public who are interested in supporting veterans. We are looking for old musical instruments in which people do no need or want anymore, such as used guitars, bass guitars, Electric or Acoustic, classical guitars, Drums, Amps, sound systems, anything musical which Music 4 Vets can incorporate into the foundation, It is our desire to give veterans who wish to learn to play music the use of these used instruments. We would like to distribute different instruments to the veteran meeting places, café’s or Veterans homes and set up small music corners so if a veteran feels the desire to play a guitar or musical.

Our Goal

The Military and Music go hand in hand, Music has been a part of Military life from the very beginning of organized military armies. In past history music in the military was played at the beginning of battles to warn off the enemy, to give their troops courage, the celebration of battles won, and to bury the soldiers lost after battles fought. Music is played for the raising and lowering of the colors, and is much a part of everyday military life today as it was in past civilizations.


We accept financial donations as well as donations of instruments and other musical equipment.

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